To the older woman

How I love this! Thanks, my dear!!

Brain fart of a Marthio

“I’ll never date woman who’s older than me again” 


“huh ? why ?”


“Well you see, they are bossy, they’ll only see you as kid, they’ll order you around, they won’t listen to you”


“are we talking about older woman in general or just your mom ?”


“fuck you, man! I’m serious here! I’ll never do it again”


“heh. Here let me tell you story about a man who dates a woman older than him”







“Like every other story, this one also start with a meeting. The meeting of our particular protagonist, the man who fall in love with a woman older than him and the woman herself. You see, they are no stranger to each other, they knew each other years before their fated meeting, the meeting that changed it all. They met and from that time they…

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