Welcome back! :)

Ola! It’s been a looong time. I’m kinda (a lil’ bit) busy with a few things here. But now, i wanna update some article published on AbraResto Blog (for my portfolio *grin*)

Also, you can check the website


Lima Jajanan Yang Wajib Dicoba di Bandung

lima jajanan yang wajib dicoba di bandung

4 Hal Penting Saat Berbuka Puasa

4 hal penting saat berbuka puasa

5 Cara Sehat Berbuka Puasa

5 cara sehat berbuka puasa

Tiga Makanan Khas Lebaran dari Negara Lain

Tiga makanan khas lebaran dari negara lain

AbraResto untuk BlackBerry 10

abraresto untuk blackberry 10

Restoran dengan Dessert Yang Wajib Dicoba

Restoran dengan dessert yang wajib dicoba

enough for article. I did copywriting for Ramadhan page

ramadhan landing page

and for BlackBerry photo contest too

AbraResto - Blackberry Jakarta Promo

I’m newbie! LOL. I want to write about my experience at Marugame Udon. Maybe, the next post will about Marugame Udon :p

Thanks for reading.



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