Heaven On Earth: Tucano’s Churrascaria Brasileira

From Brazil with love. Welcome to the food scene in Jakarta, Tucano’s Churrascaria Brasileira! Used to be a food writer, went to this place, enjoyed everything and make me feel I have to write my experience! But since I rarely write about food these past 2 years, I lost my sense to feel every aspect about food scene in Jakarta. I know, I know, just an excuse. But when amazing thing came, I feel guilty if I just kept that thing for myself. Anyway, let’s back to our ‘star’, Tucano’s Churrascaria Brasileira! Located in Pavilion Retail Arcade, Jakarta, this restaurant gives a breath of fresh air for food industry in Jakarta. While I’m tired with Japanese and Korean food, I’m sorry. This place ready to give you a new experience. So, Carnivore, Meat Lovers.. you named it, you should come to visit! Why?


Image by bayugumilang


Image by bayugumilang

  • Tucano’s Churrascaria Brasileira is an All You Can Eat restaurant. They serves various meat (starts from chicken, lamb, beef) cooked in churrasco (BBQ) style. They also serves fish and prawn, which I’m not really explore those two. But, that’s All You Can Eat after all!
  • The taste of their meat… Heaven! The texture, the looks, everything was just amazing! Who could resist fresh juicy looks??? WHO COULD??? The meats were actually juicy, for real. And I guess, they’re not using lots of seasoning (herbs?) for their meats. So… Imagine it yourself how the taste like. One more thing, you will see the red color from your meat. Maybe rare level, but tastes amazing! Because I’m not a fan of that kind of meat, usually avoid it but I keep asking the chefs to put some slice on my plate.


    Image by bayugumilang

  • With lots of various meat came to the table, I can’t easily remember the name one by one. But, what I love the most is Top Sirloin! Again, I’m not a fan of sirloin but.. but.. their sirloin is amazing, the taste, the texture, the redness, everything!

    Image by bayugumilang

  • Grilled pineapple! I had my grilled pineapple on my burger once, tasted a bit weird for me. And,Tucano’s Churrascaria Brasileira changed everything. I’m sure you will ask for more grilled pineapple and don’t forget to add cinnamon powder. Done. Heaven in your mouth. This one is a new thing for me. Maybe I should try grill pineapple and sell it to my friend?

That was the top list on my head when I woke up the next morning after visited to Tucano’s Churrascaria Brasileira. They are not only serves All You Can Eat meat, but also Ala Carte food and drink. Oh I forgot, Tucano’s Churrascaria Brasileira also have free flow drink starts from tea, coffee, beer also wine & spirits. Price is wise but when you decide to come here for All You Can Eat, brace yourself!


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