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I wish i have more time to write something in here. Not only for my job, but hey… that’s not bad at all. See what I’ve done for AbraResto blog

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Morning! Kinda lazy this morning but yea i have to get that ‘shit’ done. Eh, bulan Oktober ini, copy buat newsletter dari saya dipakai. Berikut penampakannya

newsletter Oct week3

Newsletter for Oct W3

Newsletter Oct week5

Newsletter for Oct w5


Biasanya bukan saya yang bikin copy buat newsletter, tapi kemarin diminta ‘ngebenahin’ dan ternyata dipake juga :D

Writer for AbraResto, Why Not??

Ola! Weekend is coming, guys! But this post not related to ‘weekend thing’ of course. This ‘food thing’ always made my day! :)) I even forgot to write a review about How To Train Your Dragon 2!! I’ve watched the movie, with my husband and in 3D cinema and for FREE! and… just wait a moment for my review (if I ga males juga sih hehehe). By the way, this is the ‘food thing’ for you. Enjoy!

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